Gilbert Lake Association

From Gilbert Lake Association President Todd Froemming 7/25/14: 

Hello Gilbert Lake residents.  Perhaps you've noticed some Department of Natural Resources activity on the lake the past few days.  With that comes some unfortunate news -- it's confirmed that Gilbert Lake has been infested with Zebra Mussels.  While snorkeling, my son and a friend found one attached to a plastic cup at the bottom of the lake on Tuesday of this week which kicked off a DNR survey Wednesday and the unfortunate news that they found another in their search.  

 They have posted an invasive species alert sign at the landing, and will likely be doing a press release early next week.  

 The specialist from the DNR that I spoke with had some promising things to say about upcoming treatments and ongoing research that's happening right here in the lakes area.  My fingers are crossed that we won't have a prohibitive invasion.  Regardless it's a big bummer to be sure and we'll have to see how this progresses over the next few years.  




Information from Gilbert Lake Association President Todd Froemming 7/25/14: