Gilbert Lake Association Newsletter

Vol. 16, Issue 1, Summer, 2015


Next Meeting

The next Gilbert Lake Association meeting is Monday June 23, 2015,

7 PM at the Northland Arboretum.


AGENDA for June 23, 2015 meeting:

-Election of officers.

- Financial report

- Water testing data

-Speaker-Firewise Specialist

-AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) Inspectors

-Any other new or old business


Action at

2014 Meeting


-Newly elected officers elected included  president Todd Froemming, secretary Sandy Bergmann, and treasurer Karen Engen.

Dan Meyer is doing water testing.  Secchi depth went from 15’ to 9’.Mary Claire Ryan noted that there is a fee to get water testing. Dan Meyer is doing water testing.  Secchi depth went from 15’ to 9’. -The Crow Wing County Lake Assessment report was discussed.

-$400 per year will be spent on lake water testing.

-A vote authorized $75 for a water hazard marker buoy.


Riverside Drive Guardrail


To reduce the guardrail's visibility and glare, Paul Jacobsen organized volunteers to paint the backside of the guardrail, with paint and brushes provided by Crow Wing County Highway Department.  About 3/4 of the guardrail has been painted.  Volunteers are need to finish the south end.  Interested persons can contact Paul at 218-829-1726.  He has plenty of paint to finish the job.


Water level


Gary Whiteman noted that the lake level has fluctuated up 5’ in Gilbert and is currently 16” above ice out level this year.  When the lake goes up there’s erosion due to wakes.  Discussion about no-wake zone. Mary Claire Ryan noted she is on the Water Surface Task Force. There have not been approvals in Crow Wing County for no-wake zones and if you set one up, it needs to be approved and marked as a legal no-wake zone.

It was noted that Big Sandy and Lake Minnetonka are dam-controlled and have no-wake zones out to 600’ from shore.  Maury Borash said he had lived on Lake Minnetonka – there are not as many boats on Gilbert. Colleen Dols asked if this would be ‘zones’ or ‘entire lake’. Todd Froemming added the channel by the landing.

Mark and Paula Persons are on Lake #1 (narrow lake).  They said that when boats speed in the narrower portion of the bay, the waves wreck the shore and it is also noisy. Todd Froemming commented that the stretch on #1 is ideal for skiing but everyone needs to be courteous.

Jerry Sinner commented: Boats are getting bigger and bigger.  Wake board boats are making the biggest wakes, ski boats plane out. Baffles did not exist 20 years ago. No-wake zone is probably not the answer.  Jet skiers break the law by being out at night and getting closer to structures. People need to follow the law and common courtesy.       A wake boarder hit the Sinner’s water trampoline.  Also noted:  Per regulation boats and jet skis should stay 150’ from emerging foliage.


Administrative Notes


-Lake association members are asked to encourage their neighbors to send in association dues.  They are $35/year per household.


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