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April 17, 2021:  The bog on Lake Three is now staked in place.    From John Lynn:  Heya Gilbert - We had a fun session of bog anchoring this morning.  Parker brought the horsepower, Matt and Tony provided the manpower!  We got some 2x4 stakes pounded in and chains to trees on shore.  All that and nobody got (too) wet.  Let's hope it holds.  Many thanks to the volunteers.  

Association President Todd Froemming obtained permission to move or remove the bog.  The permit is posted at the public landing.  Story from the fall of 2020

May 3, 2021:  The bog has moved to the east end of Gilbert Lake Three and is blocking the channel.  See photo below:
Here is a close-up.  You can see Gilbert Lake Three in the background. 
Entrance to Lake Three is completely blocked by the bog.

May 16, 2021: A few brave fishermen managed too get through a thin part on the north side of the bog to fish in Lake Three.      
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